A Possible Life

A Novel in Five Parts

From the acclaimed, bestselling author of Birdsong, comes a novel about five unforgettable lives.

By Sebastian Faulks Read by Samuel West , Christian Rodska , Lucy Briers , Sian Thomas and Rupert Degas Fiction / Short Stories & Collections English, Unabridged 10h 8m Sell Sheet Also available on
A Possible Life: A Novel in Five Parts (Unabridged) - Sebastian Faulks
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							In Second World War Poland, a prisoner closes his eyes and pictures a sunlit cricket ground. Across the yard of a Victorian poorhouse, a man is too ashamed to acknowledge the son he gave away. In a 19th-century French village, an old servant understands the meaning of the Bible story her master is reading. In the Catskills, 1971, a girl steps out of a Chevy with a song that will send shivers through her listeners' skulls. A few years from now, in Italy, a scientist discovers links between time and the human brain, and her lover's novel and his life. Throughout five masterpieces of fiction, exquisitely drawn and unforgettable characters risk their bodies, hearts and minds in pursuit of the manna of human connection.

Earphones Award Winner. "Samuel West's melancholic, refined air and emotional register reflect Geoffrey's experiences as a British schoolteacher turned concentration camp escapee. Christian Rodska's lower-class British accent and animated pacing telegraph Billy's rise from workhouse poverty to literate family man in Victorian England. Lucy Briers plays storyteller for Elena's journey from farm girl to famous scientist in a futuristic Europe. Sian Thomas's soft voice and spot-on French accent are perfect for Jeanne's transformation from Catholic orphan to maid for a mid-nineteenth-century bourgeois family. Rupert Degas seamlessly switches from male to female, British to American in the final story of American hippie Anya's musical career." - AudioFile Magazine

"...exceptional, lingering in the listener’s mind...Each part of the novel is read by a different narrator, and each captures the essence of the story well." - SoundCommentary

Starred review. "Each world is drawn with precision, creating widely varied stories that are intensely absorbing, with language flowing and eddying to suit each one... Highly recommended." - Publishers Weekly

"These stories sneak up on you, gently ingratiate themselves, get you settled in comfortably and then batter your heart." - The Washington Post

"...the chief pleasure in reading "A Possible Life" comes from feeling you can wander off with any of its characters, no matter how subsidiary, and find a story every bit as real and compelling as what's on the page. This might just be the "satisfying unity" Faulks was shooting for the whole time." - Los Angeles Times

"Every story within this novel bears the imprint of an extremely accomplished writer." - The Guardian (UK)

"A tightly written, moving and exciting work of fiction that should thrill established readers as well as win new fans. If you think you know Faulks - or even (and especially) if you haven't enjoyed his previous novels - it's time to look again." - The Telegraph (UK)

"Bravura prose... Critics often underestimate Faulks's versatility: his protean restlessness, half-disguised by mainstream bestsellerdom." - The Independent (UK)

"So there's quite a thesis here, quite a mystical proposition... [These stories] are united by all asking 'whether individuals are ever really satisfactorily distinguished from one another or whether in fact we are all taking part in the same cosmic story, the same joined-up life.' ...[They are] delicate, persuasive expressions." - The London Evening Standard (UK)

"Each world feels complete, vivid and convincing... In the end it does what any good novel should - it unsettles, it moves, and it forces us to question who we are." - The Sunday Times (UK)

"Faulks uses the five novellas to shine light from different angles on to the same truths about love and human experience, and to show how certain things chance across the spectrum of time and place." - The Daily Beast

"This magnificent, complex, fine-grained book of stories is about love and loss in all its colors, in all its eras. I am best qualified to judge the final story Anya, which is one of the most authentic portrayals of a time and place - the early '70s in the folk-rock milieu, from a rural upstate New York, to Greenwich Village, to L.A. - I have ever read. We all have magical people in our pasts - glittery, fleeting, transformative: embarrassed secrets because our thrall to them was never quite reciprocated. This book liberates us from that embarrassment and reminds us that unrequited large-R-romance is a lot of what makes life worth living, and that such elegiac, flickering interludes can often be as emotionally permanent as those with the more steadfast people in our lives." - Sheila Weller, author of New York Times bestseller Girls Like Us

"Sebastian Faulks's fine new novel does not, at first glance, look like a novel at all - more like a gathering of stories, each one yielding a new character. Only gradually do we realize how these many voices, so far apart in time and place, fuse together and overlap, like songs on an album, to form a stirring and delicate whole. One of them speaks of merging 'the flame and the facts', our ardent yearnings with the hard detail of ordinary life. In Faulks's masterful hands, fact and flame become one." - Anthony Lane, author of Nobody's Perfect

"Faulks writes with such a lyrical touch that his words are a delight and the plots he builds are each engrossing in a different way." - Business Day