When the World Shook

If an advanced civilization were to visit our planet today, would they be impressed or dismayed?

By H. Rider Haggard Read by Michael Page Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers English, Unabridged 12h 35m Sell Sheet Also available on
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							When three adventurers, Bastin, Bickley, and Arbuthnot, are marooned on a South Sea island, they discover an ancient crystal sepulchre. Inside are two Atlanteans who have been in a state of suspended animation for 250,000 years! One of the awakened sleepers, Lord Oro, is the last of the Sons of Wisdom, a superior race who'd relied on their advanced technology to subjugate the planet's lesser peoples. The other Atlantean is Oro's daughter, Yva, heiress to the title of Queen of the Earth. Unimpressed with the state of the world in the early 20th century, Oro sets out to do what he's apparently done once before: use a colossal gyroscope to drown the planet, and restart the course of human history.

"If this is pulp fiction it's high pulp: a Wagnerian opera of an adventure tale, a B-movie humanist apocalypse and chivalric romance." - Lydia Millet