Hidden Strengths

Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have

What if there's a better way to grow, than relying on your strengths or fixing your weaknesses?

By Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell Read by Caroline Miller Business & Investing / Management & Leadership / Nonfiction English, Unabridged 2h 23m Sell Sheet
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							Many people assume they should focus their efforts on improving their weaknesses, but the Sindells say that this takes too much time and effort. The Sindells argue that focusing only on your best abilities becomes a crutch and neglects vital development opportunities. We all have hidden strengths, and once you find yours they can quickly be elevated into learned strengths with attention and focus. In today's work environment, not growing and stretching yourself translates into lack of innovation, stagnation, and obsolescence. You can't keep leaning on the things you're naturally good at or your strengths will become training wheels. But with the Sindells' help, you'll continually develop new skills that will keep you riding at the front of the pack.

Thuy and Milo Sindell take a new angle in the strengths conversation by tackling the question of why it's so tempting to focus on extremes, our strengths and weaknesses, while overlooking our capacity in the middle: our hidden strengths. Finding these unlocks one's potential to transform knowledge and skills into learned strengths. - Bill McLawhon, Head of Leadership Development, Facebook

This book is a great companion for any leader or anyone who wants to grow to be one. - Beverly Kaye, Founder Career Systems International

Well done! This book is a very practical, step by step approach to moving beyond the madness of focusing on developing weaknesses and getting by on strengths to identify and leverage our hidden strengths for personal and professional success. - Daniel Carusi, HCS, Global Talent and Learning Deltek University