At the Mountains of Madness

Geologist Dyer attempts to stop an expedition at the risk of encountering dangerous aliens.

By H.P. Lovecraft Read by Jon Bennett Classics / Fiction / Science Fiction & Fantasy English, Unabridged 4h 49m Sell Sheet Also available on
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							A large scale and much publicized expedition to Antarctica is about to take  place. While excitement runs high in the scientific community over this  expedition, one geologist tries his hardest to stop the trip from ever  happening. This is because William Dyer has been to Antarctica on an expedition  before, and knows of the unspeakable horrors that lie in its frigid terrain.  Dyer goes into explaining that during his last trip, he and another small group  led by Professor Lake, encountered ancient alien life forms dubbed The Elder  Things. Told from Dyers perspective, this story goes into detail of Dyer's  fatal encounters with the aliens in Antarctica and how this new expedition will  surely end in nothing but more tragedy.

"For me, Jon Bennett's rendition of 'Madness' is the most appropriate. His tone has the authenticity - neither melodramatic nor too flat - to make you forget you're listening to a reading, allowing you to see the icy landscape, and be in the story. This is one of the great horror stories, along with House on the Borderland, by William Hope Hodgson. Add to that list Dark Matter, by Michelle Paver, and you have the beginnings of the great, and stylish horror stories of the last hundred and some years. No horror fan should be without this edition. Essential. More from Jon Bennett, please..." - Audible