Tell the Wind and Fire

When revolution erupts in a fantasy version of New York, Lucie must save her boyfriend from doom.

By Sarah Rees Brennan Read by Lisa Larsen Science Fiction & Fantasy / Social Issues / Young Adult Fiction English, Unabridged 9h 52m Sell Sheet Also available on
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							Tell the Wind & Fire is about a young girl called Lucie who lives in a New York  very different from the New York we know: the city is torn between two very  different kinds of magic, and Lucie’s own family was torn apart years ago by  that conflict. Lucie wears magic rings and carries a burden of guilt she can’t  share with anyone. The light in her life is her sweetheart boyfriend Ethan, but  it turns out Ethan has a secret too: a soulless doppelganger created by dark  magic.

"Sarah Rees Brennan writes with fine control and wit, and I suspect that word of this magical thriller will pass through the populace with the energy of wind, of fire." - Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked and Egg & Spoon

"Brennan takes the genres of young adult, fantasy, and romance, and through her own writerly, alchemical process converts them into something new and strange and lovely. Read the first few pages of Tell the Wind and Fire and see if you don’t agree." - Kelly Link, author of Get in Trouble

“Those familiar with Dickens's classic will admire what Brennan borrows from the original, but this love story with its magical world-building can be appreciated by anyone.” - Audiofile

“Retellings of beloved classics are tricky, but here, Dickens' overall plot and major characters translate effortlessly into this intriguingly imagined setting. Lucie and Ethan are more complex than their rather insipid Victorian prototypes, and Carwyn retains all the bad-boy fascination of his charismatic counterpart.” - Kirkus

“Compelling similarities exist between the narrative and present-day events, where uprisings and terrorist acts are increasingly common, making this an engrossing and relevant read.” - Booklist

“Brennan’s writing really allows the characters to come alive—I’ve been thinking about them ever since I finished the book! Plus, the plot twists totally kept me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend it to all of my friends.” - Kiara R., 17 (Girls Life reader)

One of the Most Anticipated Books of 2016 - GoodReads