How Music Works

The Science and Psychology of Beautiful Sounds, from Beethoven to the Beatles and Beyond

An enthralling investigation into the mysteries of music.

By John Powell Read by Walter Dixon Instructional / Nonfiction English, Unabridged 8h 8m Sell Sheet
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							Now, scientist and musician John Powell invites you on an entertaining journey  through the world of music. Discover what distinguishes music from plain old  noise, how scales help you memorize songs, what the humble recorder teaches you  about timbre (assuming your suffering listeners don’t break it first), why  anyone can learn to play a musical instrument, what the absurdly complicated  names of classical music pieces actually mean, how musical notes came to be  (hint: you can thank a group of stodgy men in 1939 London for that one), how to  make an oboe from a drinking straw, and much more. With wit and charm, and in  the simplest terms, Powell explains the science and psychology of music.

"In this enlightening book, Powell, a British scholar and professor sets out to explain how we experience music...Powell conveys the material with enough humor and cocktail party facts to keep the book light and fun." - Publishers Weekly

In this distinctive combination of scientific treatise and laugh-out-loud commentary, composer and physicist Powell...has carved out an intriguing niche by using humor to enliven what could have been an otherwise dry introduction to acoustics...readers ... should glean some useful background for music study while simultaneously being entertained. - Library Journal