The Power of Positive Confrontation

The Skills You Need to Handle Conflicts at Work, at Home and in Life.

Pachter teaches you the vital skills you need to confront others and live a more conflict-free life.

By Barbara Pachter and Susan Magee Read by Barbara Pachter Business & Investing / Nonfiction / Self-Help English, Unabridged 8h 6m Sell Sheet
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							When slighted, misunderstood, cut-in-front-of, annoyed, taken advantage of, or  treated rudely, most people avoid their bosses, ignore co-workers, change  hairdressers, complain to friends, shout and pound their fists. They often miss  the most positive, effective alternative of all: confronting positively. Now,  for everyone who was never taught, or never realized, that between bully and  wimp is a range of behavior that is positive, dignified, and effective for  dealing with life's bothersome situations, there is The Power of Positive  Confrontation. This practical, step-by-step guide will not only improve your  ability to confront others, but will also help you to live a more conflict-free life.

No tricks; just intelligent action…Terrifically useful. - Worcester Telegram, 8/31/14

Filled with good advice. - Bookviews, September 2014