Moscow, December 25, 1991

The Last Day of the Soviet Union

Conor O'Clery has written a unique and truly suspenseful thriller of the day the Soviet Union died.

By Conor O'Clery Read by Don Hagen Contemporary / History - European / Nonfiction / Politics English, Unabridged 12h 56m Sell Sheet
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							The implosion of the Soviet Union was the culmination of a gripping game played out between two men who intensely disliked each other and had different concepts for the future. Mikhail Gorbachev, a sophisticated and urbane reformer, sought to modernize and preserve the USSR; Boris Yeltsin, a coarse and a hard drinking “bulldozer,” wished to destroy the union and create a capitalist Russia. The defeat of the August 1991 coup attempt, carried out by hardline communists, shook Gorbachev’s authority and was a triumph for Yeltsin. But it took four months of intrigue and double-dealing before the Soviet Union collapsed and the day arrived when Yeltsin could hustle Gorbachev out of the Kremlin, and move in as ruler of Russia.

"Shrewd political history...O'Clery presents a colorful human-scale saga, full of pathos and pettiness. (As Gorbachev was preparing his farewell address, Yeltsin sent minions to evict his family from their dacha.) But he also illuminates larger historical forces: the revival of nationalist politics in the breakaway Soviet republics; the desperate food shortages as the command economy lost its authority; the social enervation that left no one willing to defend the Soviet system by force. The result is a revealing portrait of one of history's greatest upheavals." - Publishers Weekly

"With a journalist's flair for detail, O'Clery offers a well-researched look at the last day of the Soviet Union and provides a balanced portrait of the characters involved...Academics and lay readers alike will find this book a revealing addition to the history of modern Russia, as well as an engrossing journalistic study of two of Russia's most intriguing political leaders." - Library Journal

"A clear and exciting account of these momentous times...Crammed with fascinating and telling detail, it describes Mikhail Gorbachev's final evening as President of the USSR, with a series of flashbacks to the events that led to the hauling down of the Red Flag from the Kremlin. It also explores and illuminates the bristling personal rivalry and loathing that crackled between Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. It is a marvelous read and would make an unmissable TV docu-drama." - Daily Mail (UK)