The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar

Modern Lessons from the Man Who Built an Empire

Julius Caesar was a leader ahead of his time, with much to teach us even 2000 years after his death

By Phillip Barlag Read by Joe Bronzi Business & Investing / History - European / Management & Leadership / Nonfiction English, Unabridged 2h 48m Sell Sheet
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							Barlag uses dramatic and colorful incidents from Caesar's career—being held hostage by pirates, charging headlong alone into enemy lines, pardoning people he knew wanted him dead—to illustrate what Caesar can teach leaders today. Central to Barlag's argument is the distinction between force and power. Caesar avoided using brute force on his followers, understanding that fear never generates genuine loyalty. He exercised a power deeply rooted in his demonstrated personal integrity and his intuitive understanding of people's deepest needs and motivations. His supporters followed him because they wanted to, not because they were compelled to. Over 2,000 years after Caesar's death, this is still the kind of loyalty every leader wants to inspire. Barlag shows how anyone can learn to lead like Caesar.

“Brilliantly crafted to draw leadership lessons from history, this is one of the finest leadership books I have read.” - Doris Kearns Goodwin, bestselling author

"When we look to great leaders as role models, we often don't look far enough back in the past. Julius Caesar was one of the most influential leaders in history, and Barlag shares timeless lessons that today's leaders can use to build trust and drive change." - Adam Grant, Professor of Management, The Wharton School

"Phillip Barlag captures in a creative way key leadership skills that transcend the passage of time. Caesar's success was not accidental—it was grounded in some firm principles." - Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

" innovative and engaging read for all leaders. While drawing on events and people from the ancient world, the lessons and storytelling are relevant and timely now. Whether political, military, or business, any leader responsible for moving an organization forward-in times of prosperity or crisis-can benefit from its insight." - Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, 11th Secretary General, NATO

"Even as times change and technology progresses, the continual quest for enhancing our abilities remains the same. In The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar, Phillip Barlag highlights the lessons and insights from Caesar's life and career to illuminate the qualities needed to guide any team toward greater loyalty, camaraderie, and success." - Keith Ferrazzi, author of the NYT #1 bestseller Who's Got Your Back