Humility is the New Smart

Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age

Learn how to develop abilities that machines don’t have so you can thrive in this Smart Machine Age.

By Edward D. Hess and Katherine Ludwig Read by Anna Crowe Business Development / Computers & Internet / Nonfiction / Personal Growth English, Unabridged 5h 34m Sell Sheet
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							In nearly every industry, smart machines are replacing human labor. It's not just factory jobs-automated technologies are handling people's investments, diagnosing illnesses, and analyzing written documents. If we humans are going to endure, Edward Hess and Katherine Ludwig say we're going to need a dose of humility. We need to cultivate important abilities that smart machines don't have (yet): thinking critically, creatively, and innovatively and building close relationships with others so we can collaborate effectively. All these behaviors avoid self-centeredness so we can learn from and work with other humans. Hess and Ludwig call this being NewSmart and in this guide show you how to developing these abilities and to creating organizations where these qualities are encouraged and rewarded.

"I loved this book. Drawing from research on human cognition, the authors explain why all of us are ill-equipped to cope with the coming smart machine age. And they offer a path forward in the form of five NewSmart principles, which are profound and powerful. This is a book about new thinking-the kind of generous, curious thinking that will allow us to thrive in a world in which machines do so many things better than we ever will." - Amy C. Edmonson, Professor at Harvard Business School