Beneath the warhorses' hooves, a nation will fall; a tale of war set in medieval Ireland and Wales.

By Edward Ruadh Butler Read by Richard Mitchley Action and Adventure / Fiction / History - European English, Unabridged 14h 56m Sell Sheet
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Part 1 of the Invader series.

							Robert FitzStephen is a warrior down on his luck. Arrogant, cold, but a brilliant soldier, FitzStephen commands a castle despite his checkered lineage. When a Welsh rebellion brings defeat and a crippling siege, FitzStephen's highborn comrades scorn him, betraying him to the enemy. A hostage of his cousin, Prince Rhys, FitzStephen is disgraced and seemingly doomed to a life of obscurity and shame. Then King Diarmait arrives, the ambitious overlord of an Irish kingdom. Forced to flee by the High King of Ireland, he seeks to reclaim his lands by any means possible, including inviting the Normans. With nothing left to lose, FitzStephen agrees to lead the Irishman's armies and drive Diarmait's enemies from his kingdom. His price? Acceptance...or perhaps a kingdom of his own?

"Superbly researched and thrillingly told, Swordland is a vivid portrait of the ferocious but godly Normans as they rampage through Wales and Ireland. Writing in a lucid, descriptive style that brings to life landscapes, characters and battles, Butler delights in a narrative that blazes with intrigue and spine-chilling bloody action, while still managing to weave themes of religious affiliation, kinship, and questions over birthright like golden threads in a medieval tapestry." - Anthony Quinn, critically acclaimed author of Disappeared