In the year 2250, water is scarce, and those who control it control everything.

By Jonathan Friesen Read by Paul Doherty Action and Adventure / Christian / Religion & Spirituality / Young Adult Fiction English, Unabridged 9h 42m Sell Sheet
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							As the son of the Deliverer, sixteen-year-old Luca will one day take his father's place and descend yearly to the underground Aquifer to negotiate with the rat-like miners who harvest the world's water. Although securing his people's water supply should bring power, Luca discovers that true power actually rests with the Council, a group that demands unquestioning loyalty and that will do anything to maintain it: divide families, ban emotions, kill those who oppose them, and limit all access to knowledge so that the truth needed to bring about their downfall will never be known. When Luca's father goes missing, Luca quickly realizes that it's up to him to uncover that truth and free everyone from the Council's tyranny.

"Friesen's world is a morally gray one no easy answers for his readers...Friesen nonetheless offers an entertaining framework for teenage readers to start asking serious questions about emotional responsibility, acting on faith and intuition, the potential blindness of good intentions, and the nature of freedom." - Publishers Weekly

"Luca is an engaging character torn between whom to trust and what to believe, easy material for teen readers to relate to. Subtle religious themes run through the novel but are never overt enough to turn off nonreligious readers." - Booklist

"Jonathan Friesen does a great job using dialogue and action to move the plot forward...This world seems real enough that it could be our future, but it is fantastic enough to feel fictional. One major theme emphasizes the power of words, both encouraging and deceptive. Engaging, active writing allows readers to dive into Aquifer. Mystery from the outset lures readers into uncovering the truth with Luca. The final resolution leaves readers satisfied and may lead people to see things in their lives they have taken for granted." - Christian Library Journal