Always Happy Hour


This collection of ill-fated love stories combines hard-edged prose and savage Southern charm.

By Mary Miller Read by Madeleine Lambert Contemporary / Fiction / Short Stories & Collections / Women's Interest English, Unabridged 6h 23m Sell Sheet
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							Always Happy Hour weaves tales of young women who are deeply flawed, intensely real, and who struggle to get out of their own way. These women love to drink and have sex; they make bad decisions with men who love them too much or too little; they haunt gas stations, public pools, and dive bars, seeking understanding in the most unlikely of places; and, although each shoulders the weight of different baggage, they all suspect they deserve better. In this collection of acerbic and ruefully funny stories, Miller takes a microscope to love and intimacy, evoking the reticence of love among the misunderstood, the grit and comfort of bad habits that can't be broken, and the beat-by-beat minutiae of ill-fated relationships.

"Stellar...Miller's collection feels so true because it never glosses over the desperate or unflattering portrayals of its narrators, but neither does it exploit their faults. These stories acutely explore boyfriends, exes, poor choices, and the sad fallout of so many doomed relationships." - Publishers Weekly, Starred and Boxed Review

"Readers will find themselves riveted...The 16 stories in this collection…feel both homey and exotic, limning lives at once familiar and distinctly their own. Like a two-for-one drink special or a boxful of beer, this bracingly strong collection may prove intoxicating." - Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

"Mesmerizing and exactly rendered, and Miller reminds us that for many people, life is defined by hardship, surprise, and just getting by...Excellent reading for fans of the genre." - Library Journal

"In this stunning (and well-titled) collection of short fiction involving complicated, unprivileged women on the precipice of adulthood, Mississippi author Miller brilliantly explores lives that feel simultaneously destined and precarious." - The National Book Review

"Taken as a whole, this harrowing yet ultimately enjoyable collection is less about the conventions of storytelling - exposition, climax, denouement - and more of a meditation on the stories a person tells herself." - New York Times Book Review