The Divine Dance

The Trinity and Your Transformation

God is the dance itself, and He invites you to be a part of that dance. Are you ready to join in?

By Richard Rohr and Mike Morrell Read by Arthur Morey Christian / Nonfiction / Religion & Spirituality English, Unabridged 7h 14m Sell Sheet
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							The Trinity is supposed to be the central doctrine grounding Christianity, yet we're often told that we shouldn't attempt to understand it because it's a "mystery." But what if we breached that mystery? How might it transform our relationship with God? Although the word 'trinity' isn't found in the New Testament—it wasn't until the third century that it was coined—the idea of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was present in Jesus' life and teachings. In the pages of this book, internationally recognized teacher Richard Rohr circles around this paradoxical idea—and "circling around" is an apt metaphor: early Christians applied the Greek verb for "dance" to the mystery of the Trinity, saying "whatever is going on in God is a flow—it's like a dance."

"Finding the sweet spot where contemporary science meets ancient mysticism, and theology meets poetry, The Divine Dance sketches a beautiful choreography for a life well-lived. In our joy or our pain, true life is always relational, a flow, a dance. (And was always meant to be.)" - Bono, U2

"This is Richard in peak form, doing what he does best: showing you how the best ideas for the future have actually been here, in the Jesus tradition, the whole time...Our favorite Franciscan has done it again!" - Rob Bell, Love Wins