What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear

What Doctors Say, What Patients Hear

How refocusing conversations between doctors and their patients can lead to better health

By Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD Read by Ann M. Richardson Health, Mind & Body / Medical / Nonfiction English, Unabridged 9h 9m Sell Sheet
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							Despite modern medical advancements, such technologies are still secondary to medicine's most powerful diagnostic tool: a conversation. Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment still rely on a patient's ability to describe her symptoms, and a doctor's capacity to hear and correctly interpret them. It's not surprising then that this primary means of diagnosis can often go awry. The clash between a patient's storytelling and their doctor's search for a "chief complaint" can lead to frustration, a poor doctor-patient relationship, and potential medical errors. Though the gulf between what patients say and what doctors hear is often wide, Dr. Danielle Ofri proves that it doesn't have to be. She tells doctor-patient stories to identify barriers productive communication, reports the latest research studies, and interviews scholars, doctors and patients explore how better communication can lead to better health outcomes.

"Her revealing doctor-patient stories often make her seem like the doctor that every patient wishes they had, and she draws on patient accounts to illustrate the problems that can arise in communication between doctor and patient. This book, however, goes far beyond Ofri's personal experiences with patients. She delves into the relevant research on communication, citing some ingenious experiments on listening...A much-needed, convincing argument that, regarding doctor-patient communication, the stakes are very high and that what patients say is all too often not what doctors hear-and vice versa." - Library Journal