Antes de que oprima enviar (Before You Hit Send)

Previniendo dolores de cabeza y de corazón (Preventing Headache and Heartache)

Every day brings new examples of people "Hitting Send" too soon and regretting it.

By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs Read by Johnny Peña Audiobooks in Spanish Language / Nonfiction / Personal Growth / Self-Help Spanish, Unabridged 6h 40m Sell Sheet
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							Our methods of communication today allow information to be broadcast to everyone from Illinois to China, and it's not only Twitter fanatics who sometimes find themselves in trouble: everyone is capable of falling prey to verbal and written blunders. It makes no difference if we're talking to a stranger over a meat counter, chatting on a cell phone with our mother, or sending an email to a coworker: we can and do miscommunicate, and people can and do get the wrong idea. When we don't pause long enough to think before communicating, misunderstandings and clashes often result. 

Before You Hit Send uncovers why we consciously and subconsciously get into these communication disasters and proposes four questions that we'd be wise to consider before "Hitting Send": 

•	Is it true? 
•	Is it kind? 
•	Is it necessary? 
•	Is it clear? 

When we ask and answer these four questions honestly, we'll be thinking wisely before "Hitting Send," preventing and better managing workplace strife, our public persona, familial relationships, and more.