Intuición (Insight)

Por qué no somos tan conscientes como pensamos, y cómo el vernos claramente nos ayuda a tener...

Most people feel like they know themselves pretty well, but what if you could know yourself better?

By Tasha Eurich Read by Susana Ballesteros Audiobooks in Spanish Language / Nonfiction / Personal Growth Spanish, Unabridged 13h 8m Sell Sheet
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							Research shows that self-awareness-knowing who we are and how others see us-is the foundation for high performance, smart choices, and lasting relationships. There's just one problem: most people don't see themselves quite as clearly as they could. 

Fortunately, organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich reveals that self-awareness is a surprisingly developable skill. Integrating hundreds of studies with her own research and work in the Fortune 500 world, she shows us what it really takes to better understand ourselves on the inside-and how to get others to tell us the honest truth about how we come across. 

Through stories of people who've made dramatic gains in self-awareness, she offers surprising secrets, techniques, and strategies to help listeners do the same-and explains how to use this insight to be more fulfilled, confident, and successful in life and in work.