• Dazzle Ships

    By Chris Barton

    Read by Johnny Heller

    An unlikely tale of history, war, and maritime ingenuity!

    Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Books; New York Public Library Best Books for Kids; Orbis Pictus Award Honor Book; Dilys Evans Founder's Award - Awards

    Available Tue May 08 00:00:00 UTC 2018
    English, Unabridged

  • Hunter Killer

    By David Poyer

    Read by Gary Galone

    The War with China: The Battle for the Central Pacific

    The war with China escalates in this dramatic and all-too-real Dan Lenson naval thriller

    "[T]he keel of the story-the naval battles with China-are always foremost, and Poyer is among the best authors, present or past, to write these electrifying scenes." - Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

    Released Fri Dec 08 00:00:00 UTC 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Collision Course

    By Alvin Moscow

    Read by Mel Foster

    The Classic Story of the Collision of of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm

    How the Stockholm and the Andrea Doria met in one of history's deadliest ocean collisions.

    "This brilliantly exciting narrative will go down as one of the great sagas of the sea." - Harper’s Magazine

    Released Tue Dec 27 00:00:00 UTC 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The Sea Beggars

    By Cecelia Holland

    Read by Tim Bentinck

    A Novel

    A young Dutchman joins the pirate rebels who lead the 16th Century resistance against Spain.

    "Another solid Holland swirl of high-minded rebellion, derring-do, sex, and slaughter...Sturdy storytelling." - Kirkus Reviews

    Released Tue Oct 11 00:00:00 UTC 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD