• Boom

    By Craig Hall

    Read by Greg Lockett

    Bridging the Opportunity Gap to Reignite Startups

    Discover why there’s a downward spiral for new business start-ups—and how to solve the problem.

    Released July 16, 2019
    English, Unabridged

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  • Young Money

    By Dasarte Yarnway

    Read by Jeff Hoyt

    4 Proven Actions to Design Your Wealth While You Still Can

    A simple four-step approach that anyone can follow to consistently build wealth

    Released March 6, 2018
    English, Unabridged

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  • The Capitalist Code

    By Ben Stein

    Read by Blake Swihart

    It Can Save Your Life and Make You Very Rich

    The system of free-market, stock-market capitalism is rigged FOR everyone who participates in it.

    "My friend, Ben Stein, has written a short book that tells you everything you need to know about investing (and in words you can understand). Follow Ben’s advice and you will do far better than almost all investors (and I include pension funds, universities and the super-rich) who pay high fees to advisors." - Warren Buffett

    Released September 26, 2017
    English, Unabridged

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  • The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar

    By Phillip Barlag

    Read by Joe Bronzi

    Modern Lessons from the Man Who Built an Empire

    Julius Caesar was a leader ahead of his time, with much to teach us even 2000 years after his death

    “Brilliantly crafted to draw leadership lessons from history, this is one of the finest leadership books I have read.” - Doris Kearns Goodwin, bestselling author

    Released October 17, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • Theory U (2nd Ed.)

    By Dr. C. Otto Scharmer

    Read by Wayne Shepherd

    Leading from the Future as It Emerges

    What we pay attention to, and how we pay attention, is the key to what we create.

    "In a world burdened with too much information,...Readers will be impressed not only by the depth of theory in this volume but also by the very practical approach that Scharmer provides us for enlarging our human capacity for growth." - Edgar Schein, Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus

    Released August 15, 2016
    English, Abridged

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  • The Referral of a Lifetime

    By Tim Templeton

    Read by Tim Templeton

    Never Make a Cold Call Again! (2nd Edition)

    Your customers, colleagues and friends already know every new contact you will ever need to succeed

    "If you're looking for success and think something is missing, perhaps you're really seeking a life of significance. By following the steps in Tim Templeton's book, The Referral of a Lifetime, you'll find the path to both success and significance. It's an important book regardless of your age or stage in life; don't miss it!" - Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, President and CEO, Lead like Jesus

    Released August 1, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • You Are What You Believe

    By Hyrum W. Smith

    Read by Jeff Hoyt

    Simple Steps to Transform Your Life

    A powerful process for transforming your habits and relationships, to achieve lasting success.

    "Hyrum Smith takes you clearly, cogently, and compassionately through the steps necessary to create lasting, positive change. He becomes your wise and caring friend, who will assist you in breaking through to extraordinary results." - Richard H. Brown, former CEO of H&R Block Inc.

    Released August 1, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • 168 Hours

    By Laura Vanderkam

    Read by Elizabeth London

    You Have More Time Than You Think

    This book is about where the 168 hours in a week really goes, and how we can all use it better.

    "In 168 Hours, Vanderkam packs mounds of real-world case studies and experience to substantiate her system-and I fully agree. You can improve your mastery of time with this invaluable book." - Dave Crenshaw, author of Invaluable and founder of Invaluable, Inc.

    Released July 19, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • Deduct Everything!

    By Eva Rosenberg

    Read by Eva Rosenberg

    Save Money with Hundreds of Legal Tax Breaks, Credits, Write-Offs, and Loopholes

    Keep more of your hard-earned money at tax time!

    "Rosenberg has spent her career mastering the complicated and arcane world of taxes so you don't have to. Buy her book and learn how to Deduct Everything!" - Ilyce Glink, award-winning financial journalist and best-selling author

    Released June 21, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • The 30-Minute Millionaire

    By Peter Tanous and Jeff Cox

    Read by Jon Bennett

    The Smart Way to Achieving Financial Freedom

    Stop trying to actively pick stocks, trade in and out of positions, or time the markets—get on a sim

    Tanous and Cox demystify the art of investing and offer timeless financial advice for the individual and institutional investor alike. They pull the curtain back on the money management industry's dark secret...excessive fees erode away a huge amount of potential gains. Readers are rewarded with a clear and practical game plan for compounding capital and creating real wealth. - Michael K. Barry, Chief Investment Officer, Georgetown University

    Released June 21, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • The Five Most Important Questions

    By Peter F. Drucker

    Read by Erik Synnestvedt

    You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization

    A tool for self-assessment, answering these five questions will change the way you work.

    An amazing resource that can help even the most successful organizations become more successful! - Marshall Goldsmith, author, What Got You Here Won't Get You There

    Released June 21, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • The Power of Positive Confrontation

    By Barbara Pachter and Susan Magee

    Read by Barbara Pachter

    The Skills You Need to Handle Conflicts at Work, at Home and in Life.

    Pachter teaches you the vital skills you need to confront others and live a more conflict-free life.

    No tricks; just intelligent action…Terrifically useful. - Worcester Telegram, 8/31/14

    Released June 21, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • The Multicultural Mind

    By David C. Thomas

    Read by Jeff Hoyt

    Unleashing the Hidden Force for Innovation in Your Organization

    This story shows how people with multicultural experiences can positively impact business.

    “Thomas reveals the link between multicultural thinking and innovation backed by thorough research and real-life examples. A must-read for executives who want to maximize innovation in their workforce.” - Dr. Amiee Chan, President and CEO, Norsat International

    Released February 15, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • The B Corp Handbook

    By Ryan Honeyman

    Read by Janina Edwards

    How to Use Business as a Force for Good

    Using business as a force for good can help distinguish your company in a crowded market.

    "I think B Corporations will make more profits than ​other types of companies.​​"  - Robert Shiller, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics and Professor at Yale University

    Released February 9, 2016
    English, Unabridged

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  • The Serving Leader

    By Kenneth R. Jennings and John Stahl-Wert

    Read by Jeff Hoyt

    Five Powerful Actions that Will Transform Your Team, Your Business, and Your Community

    A story about how to be an effective leader that stands beside rather than in front of employees.

    “This book challenges us to examine our purpose and principles—and bravely lead from our hearts. The world is in great need of the Serving Leader.” - Cheryl Bachelder, CEO, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., and author of Dare to Serve

    Released February 1, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD