• The Electric War

    By Mike Winchell

    Read by Greg Tremblay

    Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Light the World

    A riveting nonfiction account of the scientific competition to light the world with electricity

    Released January 22, 2019
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Island

    By Jason Chin

    Read by Lesa Lockford

    A Story of the Galápagos

    This extraordinary biography of the Galápagos Islands is a story six million years in the making.

    Released December 11, 2018
    English, Unabridged

  • Gravity

    By Jason Chin

    Read by Pete Cross

    A brilliant and accessible way to educate children about gravity

    Released December 4, 2018
    English, Unabridged

  • Coral Reefs

    By Jason Chin

    Read by Elizabeth Cottle

    A Journey Through an Aquatic World Full of Wonder

    An ordinary visit to the library turns into an extraordinary adventure beneath the seas!

    "Appealing introduction to a complex world." - Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

    Released November 20, 2018
    English, Unabridged

  • Redwoods

    By Jason Chin

    Read by Qarie Marshall

    An ordinary train ride becomes an extraordinary trip to an ancient forest.

    “…the ancient redwood forests is brought to life in these engaging new adaptations” - Booklist

    Released October 19, 2018
    English, Unabridged

  • A God That Could Be Real

    By Nancy Ellen Abrams

    Read by Tara Sands

    Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet

    An insightful blend of science, religion, and philosophy for those fed up with traditional religion

    Released September 25, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Heart

    By Sandeep Jauhar

    Read by Patrick Lawlor

    A History

    A beautifully written social, cultural, and medical history of the human heart

    [Starred Review] “Covering enough physiology to make scientific details easily understood, Jauhar emphasizes how brave, desperate, and sometimes foolhardy experiments led to important developments, such as the heart-lung machine . . . Jauhar is thoughtful, self-reflective, and profoundly respectful of doctors and patients alike; readers will respond by opening their own hearts a little bit, to both grief and wonder." - Publisher's Weekly

    Released September 18, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Exoplanets

    By Donald Goldsmith

    Read by Peter Noble

    Hidden Worlds and the Quest for Extraterrestrial Life

    The science of exoplanets and the hunt for extraterrestrial life-told in a way that all can enjoy!

    Released September 10, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Grand Canyon

    By Jason Chin

    Read by Qarie Marshall

    "An outstanding introduction to one of the world's greatest outdoor wonders"-School Library Journal

    A 2018 Caldecott Honor book; A 2018 Sibert Honor book - Awards

    Released August 28, 2018
    English, Unabridged

  • Count Girls In

    By Karen Panetta, PhD and Katianne Williams

    Read by Nan McNamara

    Empowering Girls to Combine Any Interests with STEM to Open Up a World of Opportunity

    There is a place for all girls-not just the science-fair winners-in STEM classes and careers.

    "energy and enthusiastic treatment of the characters displays their fighting spirits and highlights the group's camaraderie..." - Booklist

    Released August 1, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • All Around Us

    By Xelena González

    Read by Xelena González

    Circles are all around us. We just have to look for them.

    2018 Pura Belpré Illustrator Honor Book; ALSC Notable Children’s Book; 2018 American Indian Youth Literature Award: Picture Book Honor - Awards

    Released July 24, 2018
    English, Unabridged

  • Fallout

    By Fred Pearce

    Read by Simon Vance

    Disasters, Lies, and The Legacy of the Nuclear Age

    A shocking investigation of our complicated seven-decade long relationship with nuclear technology

    Released May 22, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Calm Clarity

    By Due Quach

    Read by Emily Woo Zeller

    How to Use Science to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Wisdom, Fulfillment, and Joy

    Use the power of mindfulness and the latest science to master your thoughts and be your best self.

    Released May 15, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • What the Future Looks Like

    By Jim Al-Khalili, OBE

    Read by Pete Cross

    Scientists Predict the Next Great Discoveries and Reveal How Today's Breakthroughs Are Already Shaping Our World

    Science fact, not science fiction, on the cutting-edge developments that are changing the future

    Released April 17, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The Longevity Code

    By Kris Verburgh, MD

    Read by Pete Cross

    Secrets to Living Well for Longer from the Front Lines of Science

    A leading proponent of a new approach to slowing aging details the science of longevity

    "It’s inspiring evidence that lifestyle changes plus the latest medical advances (stem cells, designer vaccines, genetic tinkering) will allow us to enjoy life well past 100." - Audiofile

    Released January 30, 2018
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Cielo de octubre (Rocket Boys)

    By Homer Hickam

    Read by Alberto Santillán

    The endearing coming-to-age memoir that inspired the film October Sky

    "[T]horoughly charming....Hickam builds a story of overcoming obstacles that is worthy of Frank Capra...[in its]...eloquent evocation of a lost time and place." - Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times

    Released December 5, 2017
    Spanish, Unabridged

  • The Secret Life of the Mind

    By Mariano Sigman, PhD

    Read by John Chancer

    How Your Brain Thinks, Feels, and Decides

    A provocative, enthralling journey into the depths of the human mind

    "John Chancer's clear, evenhanded narration of this audiobook about the workings of the human brain matches the disarming tone established by the author, a physicist and neuroscientist." - Audiofile

    Released November 7, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Inferior

    By Angela Saini

    Read by Hannah Melbourn

    How Science Got Women Wrong-and the New Research That's Rewriting the Story

    What science has gotten so wrong about women and the fight to rewrite what we thought we knew.

    "A brilliant approach to a long overlooked topic, Inferior is impossible to ignore and invaluable." - Booklist

    Released October 24, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • How to Read Nature

    By Tristan Gooley

    Read by Qarie Marshall

    An Expert's Guide to Discovering the Outdoors You've Never Noticed

    Awaken Your Senses with Fifteen Exercises

    "Author Tristan Gooley offers listeners a short list of fifteen-minute exercises to help them get back in touch with nature." - Audiofile

    Released October 3, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Hunt for the Skinwalker

    By Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D and George Knapp

    Read by David Bendena

    Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

    The chillingly true story of the science behind previously unexplained phenomena.

    "An interesting and sometimes frightening narrative of events..." - Booklist

    Released October 3, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The Jazz of Physics

    By Stephon Alexander

    Read by Don Hagen

    The Secret Link Between Music and the Structure of the Universe

    A fascinating examination of the interconnected mysteries of our music and universe.

    "Using his own life as the baseline, Alexander...sweetly riffs on deep connections between music and cosmology...Alexander's account of his own rise from humble beginnings to produce contributions to both cosmology and jazz is as interesting as the marvelous connections he posits between jazz and physics." - Publishers Weekly

    Released July 25, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Ada Twist, Scientist

    By Andrea Beaty

    Read by Bahni Turpin

    Ada is on a mission to use science to understand her world!

    #1 New York Times Bestseller; Wall Street Journal Bestseller; USA Today Bestseller; 2017 Parents’ Choice Award Winner - Awards

    Released May 16, 2017
    English, Unabridged

  • The Driver in the Driverless Car

    By Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever

    Read by Julie Eickhoff

    How Our Technology Choices Will Create the Future (1st Ed.)

    Imagine the different futures new technologies could create: are they the ones you'd want?

    "Vivek raises one of the most important issues of our time -- the use of technology to uplift rather than displace humans. His book provides an invaluable guide for assessing the benefits and risks of future technologies." - Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

    Released April 4, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Exoplanets

    By Michael Summers and James Trefil

    Read by Jon Bennett

    Diamond Worlds, Super Earths, Pulsar Planets, and the New Search for Life Beyond Our Solar System

    Astronomer Michael Summers and physicist James Trefil explore remarkable recent discoveries.

    "...imaginative voyages to five un-Earthly types of planet, and their implications for life and intelligence elsewhere than on Earth are concisely illuminated by astrophysicists Summers and Trefil in this marvelously fascinating and wonderfully accessible...book." - Booklist, Starred Review

    Released March 28, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Fluke

    By Joseph Mazur

    Read by Tim Andrés Pabon

    The Math and Myth of Confidence

    What are the chances?

    "Mazur's thoughtful tour reveals the explanatory power of probability theory in the larger world." - Publishers Weekly

    Released March 21, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Talentos ocultas (Hidden Figures)

    By Margot Lee Shetterly

    Read by Hayley Cresswell

    El sueño americano y la historia jamás contada de las mujeres matemáticas afroamericanas que ayudaron a ganar la carrera espacial (The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematic

    The true story of the black female mathematicians at NASA in the turbulent 1950’s.

    "Much as Tom Wolfe did in 'The Right Stuff', Shetterly moves gracefully between the women’s lives and the broader sweep of history...Shetterly, who grew up in Hampton, blends impressive research with an enormous amount of heart in telling these stories..." - Boston Globe

    Released February 28, 2017
    Spanish, Unabridged

  • Isaac the Alchemist

    By Mary Losure

    Read by Steven Crossley

    Secrets of Isaac Newton, Reveal'd

    A true story of Isaac Newton’s boyhood suggests an education owing as much to magic as science.

    "...the author adds details from history and from her understanding of human behavior that make this splendid story both convincing and accessible to her readers...Narrative nonfiction at its best and most convincing." - Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

    Released February 14, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Beastly Brains

    By Nancy F. Castaldo

    Read by Charon Normand-Widmer

    Exploring How Animals Think, Talk, and Feel

    Can a lemur tell a lie? Could a toucan use tools? Will a ferret help a friend?

    "This provides an excellent starting point for budding scientific minds and offers many resources to encourage listeners to get involved and start scientifically exploring their surroundings." - Booklist

    Released February 7, 2017
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • A Most Improbable Journey

    By Walter Alvarez

    Read by Adam Verner

    A Big History of Our Planet and Ourselves

    Expand your view of human history by exploring the cosmic and geologic forces that shaped us.

    "Evocative...Alvarez [enables] readers to experience the power of Big History." - Science

    Released November 29, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Ada's Ideas

    By Fiona Robinson

    Read by Rosalyn Landor

    The Story of Ada Lovelace, the World's First Computer Programmer

    A compelling portrait of a woman who saw the potential for numbers to make art!

    "The text's lilting quality will stick with aural learners long after the book is over...Robinson celebrates Lovelace for her powerful analytical mind in spite of an overbearing mother, an absent father, and a restrictive social position...VERDICT A fascinating and uplifting STEAM selection, highly recommended for biography collections." - School Library Journal

    Released November 22, 2016
    English, Unabridged

  • Left Brain Speaks and the Right Brain Laughs

    By Ransom Stephens

    Read by James Patrick Cronin

    Physicist Ransom Stephens explains the interesting and amusing tale of how the human brain works.

    "Cronin's narration of this research is lively and informal...Cronin's easy flow and lightness in tone make the information easy to follow and digest." - AudioFile

    Released November 8, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The Fruits We Eat

    By Gail Gibbons

    Read by Qarie Marshall

    Youngsters learn where and how fruits grow, where to buy them, & how they fit into a healthy diet.

    "...succinctly presented text...Kids will learn some surprising facts (for instance, olives are fruits), and a trivia section at the end may encourage further research...A charming addition to nutrition and food units." - School Library Journal

    Released September 20, 2016
    English, Unabridged

  • Radical Abundance

    By K. Eric Drexler

    Read by Tim Andrés Pabon

    How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization

    A provocative tour of cutting edge science and its implications by the field’s founder and master.

    A stimulating tour through current thinking about and future possibilities for nanotechnology, from one of its creators… A crackerjack piece of science and technology writing. - Kirkus

    Released September 20, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The Vegetables We Eat

    By Gail Gibbons

    Read by Qarie Marshall

    Youngsters will learn where and how vegetables grow and why they are so good for us to eat.

    "A clear, informative introduction to eight groups of vegetables...A simple, effective approach to the topic." - School Library Journal

    Released September 20, 2016
    English, Unabridged

  • Hurricanes!

    By Gail Gibbons

    Read by Chris Lutkin

    An informative video that teaches young viewers what to do if a dangerous storm is on the way.

    "Hurricanes are serious business, but Gibbons...detail[s] their destructive powers without the information ever becoming too frightening...in this intriguing introduction." - Booklist

    Released August 2, 2016
    English, Unabridged

  • Tornadoes!

    By Gail Gibbons

    Read by Chris Lutkin

    Youngsters learn how tornadoes form, the scale to classify them, and what to do in case one is near.

    "Younger readers and listeners alike will be riveted." - Booklist

    Released August 2, 2016
    English, Unabridged

  • Eureka!

    By John Grant

    Read by Mark Meadows

    50 Scientists Who Shaped Human History

    In "Eureka!" John Grant offers fifty vivid portraits of groundbreaking scientists.

    "A lively parade of cranks, mystics, rebels, obsessives, and geniuses, humble or otherwise, whose discoveries and insights shaped today's science and technology." - Kirkus Reviews

    Released August 2, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Dark Winter

    By John L. Casey

    Read by David Stifel

    How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell

    In Dark Winter, John L. Casey tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate.

    "Dark Winter is an important contribution for understanding and facing the environmental challenge, in its multi-faceted and often disquieting manifestations. John Casey approaches problems like a true scientist, who follows Leonardo da Vinci and he also knows how to explain concepts in a form that anyone can understand." - Dr. Giovanni Gregori, Theoretical Physicist, Italy

    Released July 26, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Cured

    By Nathalia Holt

    Read by Karen Saltus

    How the Berlin Patients Defeated HIV and Forever Changed Medical Science

    Is the end of HIV upon us?

    In this accessible and fascinating account, Holt, a research scientist trained at MIT and Harvard...brings to light the remarkable early breakthroughs in treating a once fatal condition. - Publishers Weekly

    Released July 19, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The Beginning of Infinity

    By David Deutsch

    Read by Walter Dixon

    Explanations That Transform the World

    A bold exploration of the nature and progress of knowledge from one of today's great thinkers.

    “Provocative and persuasive…Mr. Deutsch’s previous tome, The Fabric of Reality, took a broad-ranging sweep…The Beginning of Infinity is equally bold, addressing subjects from artificial intelligence to the evolution of culture and of creativity; its conclusions are just as profound.” - The Economist

    Released May 24, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • One Wild Bird at a Time

    By Bernd Heinrich

    Read by Rick Adamson

    Portraits of Individual Lives

    The insights and discoveries from a scientist's encounters with individual wild birds.

    "...passionate observations [that] superbly mix memoir and science..." - New York Times

    Released May 17, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The End of Night

    By Paul Bogard

    Read by Paul Bogard

    Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light

    A deeply panoramic tour of the night, from its brightest spots to the darkest skies we have left.

    A moving, poetic, immersive, multifaceted, and thought-provoking study...Terrific. - Publishers Weekly

    Released April 26, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • A Very Short Tour of the Mind

    By Michael C. Corballis

    Read by Derek Shetterly

    21 Short Walks Around the Human Brain

    A guide on the intricacies of the brain explaining what we know, and don’t know, about our minds.

    "Provocative . . . A captivating story." - The New York Times

    Released January 26, 2016
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • The Inventor's Secret

    By Suzanne Slade

    Read by Susie Berneis

    What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford

    The story of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, focusing on their friendship and inventions.

    "Reinhardt's mixed-media artwork includes several lighthearted moments. It's a rewarding look at the importance of persistence, as well as the friendship that developed between these prominent inventors." - Publishers Weekly

    Released December 15, 2015
    English, Unabridged

  • The Moon Book

    A simple way to learn the purpose of the moon and its story.

    "...A fine resource for school and public library collections." - Booklist

    Released November 10, 2015
    English, Unabridged

  • Life on the Edge

    By Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili, OBE

    Read by Pete Cross

    The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology

    Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe Macfadden offer insights into the biggest puzzle of all: what is life?

    Starred Review. "McFadden and Al-Khalili draw readers into a revolutionary new paradigm…" - Booklist

    Released July 28, 2015
    English, Unabridged

    Other available formats MP3 CD

  • Plastic

    By Susan Freinkel

    Read by Pam Ward

    A Toxic Love Story

    "...a perfect book." - The Brooklyn Rail

    "Pam Ward voices this far-reaching book with the same zeal expressed by Frienkel...Ward's professional voice communicates seriousness but also prevents data fatigue by deftly recounting Freinkel's humorous anecdotes..." - AudioFile Magazine

    Released April 18, 2011
    English, Unabridged
    Sales Rank 890