• Choices

    Directed by Robert K. Lambert

    Produced by Peter Garrity

    I Won't Let Go

    We all have to live with our choices...I believe it would help me find some answers.

    Released June 4, 2019

  • Girl Flu

    Bird has to become a woman...whether she wants to or not.

    "First-time director Barton draws razor-sharp performances from everyone, seamlessly blending a certain giddiness with powerful drama and moments of satirical whimsicality, and Sackhoff is especially impressive as a woman…" - Video Librarian

    Released September 12, 2017

  • The Park Bench

    Directed by Ann Leschander

    Produced by Ann Leschander

    Sparks fly between a student and a neurotic tutor who helps him pass a class.

    "...the two leads are appealing and display an undeniable chemistry..." - The Hollywood Reporter

    Released July 12, 2016