Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr was born in Kansas in 1943. He entered the Franciscans in 1961, and was ordained to the priesthood in 1970. He received his Master's Degree in Theology from Dayton that same year. He now lives in a hermitage behind his Franciscan community in Albuquerque, and divides his time between local work and preaching and teaching on all continents. He has written numerous books including: Everything Belongs, Things Hidden, The Naked Now, and more.

  • The Divine Dance

    By Richard Rohr and Mike Morrell

    Read by Arthur Morey

    The Trinity and Your Transformation

    God is the dance itself, and He invites you to be a part of that dance. Are you ready to join in?

    "This is Richard in peak form, doing what he does best: showing you how the best ideas for the future have actually been here, in the Jesus tradition, the whole time...Our favorite Franciscan has done it again!" - Rob Bell, Love Wins

    Released April 4, 2017
    English, Unabridged

  • Falling Upward

    By Richard Rohr

    Read by Richard Rohr

    A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

    A refreshing look at aging and spiritual growth from Father Richard Rohr.

    "This is Richard Rohr at his vintage best: prophetic, pastoral, practical. A book I will gratefully share with my children and grandchildren." - Cynthia Bourgeault, Episcopal priest, retreat leader, and author

    Released May 24, 2011
    English, Unabridged