Patricia Friedberg

Patricia Friedberg grew up in London during WWII. She attended the Henrietta Barnett School and later the London School of Journalism. Soon after her marriage, she left England to live for many years in South Africa and in the Rhodesias - now Zambia and Zimbabwe, where she was a journalist and writer of documentaries. She has co-authored two illustrated children's books, Dear Sammie, A Letter to a child of Divorcing parents, and Dear Jake.

  • 21 Aldgate

    By Patricia Friedberg

    Read by Rebecca Shelbourn-Timm

    A love story bears witness to bias and propaganda, which influenced a privileged society.

    "Anyone with a tie to London's East End is likely to enjoy Patricia Friedberg's latest novel." - Candice Kreiger, journalist, London Jewish Chronicle

    Released February 4, 2014
    English, Unabridged