Alix Delinois

Alix Delinois is a fine artist and art teacher living in Harlem, New York. He was born in Saint Marc, Haiti and moved to Harlem as a child. His formal training began at fourteen when he was selected to the City College Arts Institute for inner city students. He went on to the High School of Art and Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute. In addition to his art training, Delinois holds a Master's in Art Education from Brooklyn College. He has illustrated two children's books written by award-winning authors Walter Dean Meyers and Edwidge Danticat and is currently working on a new children's book about Elizabeth Freedman.

  • Mumbet's Declaration of Independence

    By Gretchen Woelfle

    Illustrated by Alix Delinois

    Read by Susie Berneis

    One woman’s brave actions set a milestone on the road toward ending slavery in the United States.

    "Freeman's strength of character is reflected in her determined facial expressions and strong stance. While her story is highly inspiring, details about her life are sketchy; information comes primarily from an account written by Catharine Maria Sedgwick, the daughter of Theodore. While this picture book is presented as nonfiction, the story itself is highly fictionalized. An author's note explains what is known about Mumbet and reminds readers that 'History is fluid.'" - School Library Journal

    Released February 10, 2015
    English, Unabridged