Marvin R. Weisbord

Marvin Weisbord is an international consultant with more than fifty years' experience with large corporations, NGOs, and nonprofits. He is the author of Organizational Diagnosis and Productive Workplaces.

  • Lead More, Control Less

    By Marvin R. Weisbord and Sandra Janoff

    Read by Anna Crowe

    8 Advanced Leadership Skills That Overturn Convention

    Can you really be a more effective leader if you give up trying to change or control people?

    "As a firm believer in overturning convention, I want to endorse this radical approach to leadership. Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff provide insight, guidance, and support for leaders who practice what I call 'conscious leadership' while aspiring to make a positive difference and enable people to grow. I highly recommend this book to fellow leaders on this journey." - John Mackey, cofounder and co-CEO Whole Foods

    Released October 12, 2015
    English, Unabridged