Thuy Sindell

Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell are principals in Skyline Group International, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based human capital solutions consulting company that combines the scalability of technology with one-on-one coaching. They have been featured by national media, including Fortune, CNN Money, Businessweek, Washington Post, Fox News, and NBC News, and are the coauthors of Sink or Swim, Job Spa, and The End of Work as You Know It.

  • Hidden Strengths

    By Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell

    Read by Caroline Miller

    Unleashing the Crucial Leadership Skills You Already Have

    What if there's a better way to grow, than relying on your strengths or fixing your weaknesses?

    Well done! This book is a very practical, step by step approach to moving beyond the madness of focusing on developing weaknesses and getting by on strengths to identify and leverage our hidden strengths for personal and professional success. - Daniel Carusi, HCS, Global Talent and Learning Deltek University

    Released December 8, 2015
    English, Unabridged