Peter Wickham

Peter has been a working actor for over thirty years. In theatre he has played a wide range of roles, including rep all around the UK, and an active TV and film career. He has often chosen jobs involving travel. Most importantly (to him), Peter enjoyed a spell on the BBC Radio Rep. That all led to audiobooks, and his only regret about this is that he doesn't usually travel far to do it!

  • Bosworth 1485

    By Michael Jones

    Read by Peter Wickham

    Psychology of a Battle

    England's future is balanced on one fight's outcome, and the heroes and villains history remembers.

    Starred Review. "A brilliant rethinking of Richard III, whose reign ended at the bloody Battle of Bosworth...Anyone interested in military history will appreciate this vivid and well-written reconsideration of a major military encounter..." - Library Journal

    Released September 22, 2015
    English, Unabridged