Sheila M. Sofian

Sheila M. Sofian is a narrative filmmaker with a special interest in documentary animation. Her films investigate social issues utilizing a unique hybrid of animation and documentary. She has produced, directed, and animated seven independent animated films.

  • Truth Has Fallen

    Directed by Sheila M. Sofian

    Produced by Sheila M. Sofian and Davi Rutenberg

    When the justice system fails the innocent.

    "Truth has Fallen makes striking use of animation to fill the screen and convey a sense of absence. The animation, which acts as the visual presence for the subjects until the end credits, stresses the removal from which the subjects speak to the interviewer." - Patrick Mullen, Documentary Culture POV Magazine

    Released Tue Apr 12 00:00:00 UTC 2016
    English, Unabridged