Daniel Gordis

Daniel Gordis is the award-winning author of previous books If a Place Can Make You Cry, The Promise of Israel, Home to Stay, and God Was Not in the Fire. He is a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post, and has written for The New York Times, The New Republic, and The New York Times Magazine, among other publications. He is Senior Vice President and Koret Distinguished Fellow at Shalem College in Jerusalem.

  • Menachem Begin

    By Daniel Gordis

    Read by Walter Dixon

    The Battle for Israel's Soul

    Daniel Gordis's biography about a figure whose influence continues to be felt throughout the world.

    "The story of Menachem Begin is an inspiring story of Israel, and his legacy is one that lives with us still. Daniel Gordis expertly recreates that epic and passionately passes that tradition on to his listeners. Anyone wishing to understand Israel-its past as well as it current affairs-must turn to Gordis' Begin." - Michael Oren, author of Six Days of War

    Released August 23, 2016
    English, Unabridged