Daniel Barrett

Daniel BarrettĀ is the founder and CEO of Rubicon Artist Development in Austin, Texas, an innovative music studio and development program.

  • The Remembering Process

    By Daniel Barrett

    Read by Joe Vitale and Daniel Barrett

    A Surprising (and Fun) Breakthrough New Way to Amazing Creativity

    This leading-edge book is a mind-stretching exploration of how to create your reality.

    I love this book. It presents a powerful new way to maximize the Law of Attraction and accelerate success in any area of your life. It is a mind-bending and time-bending technique that absolutely works. I am already using it in my own life and with all my students and coaching clients. - Jack Canfield, New York Times best-selling author

    Released Tue Oct 25 00:00:00 UTC 2016
    English, Unabridged