Emily Lindin

Emily LindinĀ is a Harvard graduate, PhD candidate, and suicide prevention activist living in Southern California. The UnSlut Project was inspired by her own experience. The UnSlut Project began when Emily, as an adult, chose to publish her own middle school diaries online in response to learning about the suicides of several teen girls who had experienced similar bullying, and a strong desire to reach out to others who still suffer such abuse.

  • UnSlut

    By Emily Lindin

    Read by Erin Yuen and Elizabeth Cottle

    A Diary and a Memoir

    Emily Lindins published version of The "Unslut Project", which helps bullied girls around the world.

    "[A] sometimes tender, sometimes painful look at the stigmas that surround girls growing up in modern society." - Booklist

    Released October 11, 2016
    English, Unabridged