Orr Kelly

Orr Kelly is a veteran Washington correspondent. He covered the Pentagon, Justice Department, CIA and other government agencies for the Washington Star and U.S. News & World Report magazine.He is the author of ten books, eight non-fiction and two special-forces thriller fiction books. He is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

  • Brave Men, Dark Waters

    By Orr Kelly

    Read by John Pruden

    The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs

    A rich and riveting history of the United States special operations force, the Navy SEALs.

    "The best work to date on the SEAL (acronym for Sea, Air, Land) unit, this well-written survey presents the unit's history from its origins in the underwater demolition teams of WW II, through its Vietnam incarnation as a group of scouts and raiders, to its present status as an elite special-missions force." - Publishers Weekly

    Released August 30, 2016
    English, Unabridged