Dr. C. Otto Scharmer

C. Otto Scharmer is a senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and cofounder of the Presencing Institute and the MITx u.lab. He received the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching at MIT and the Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award.

  • Theory U (2nd Ed.)

    By Dr. C. Otto Scharmer

    Read by Wayne Shepherd

    Leading from the Future as It Emerges

    What we pay attention to, and how we pay attention, is the key to what we create.

    "In a world burdened with too much information,...Readers will be impressed not only by the depth of theory in this volume but also by the very practical approach that Scharmer provides us for enlarging our human capacity for growth." - Edgar Schein, Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus

    Released August 15, 2016
    English, Abridged