Tim Templeton

Tim Templeton is a speaker, coach, and consultant and is CEO of Consulting Gold, a company that helps clients increase revenue and profitability by implementing the high-touch–high-tech processes of its referral system and selected partners. Formerly, he was CEO of MasterTrack International Inc., where he shared his message and systematic client acquisition processes for entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies in multiple countries.

  • The Referral of a Lifetime

    By Tim Templeton

    Read by Tim Templeton

    Never Make a Cold Call Again! (2nd Edition)

    Your customers, colleagues and friends already know every new contact you will ever need to succeed

    "As a financial services wholesaler with thirty-five years of experience, I witnessed the profound impact the first edition of The Referral of a Lifetime had on the thousands of financial advisors who adopted and executed Templeton's referral strategies. This new edition is even more relevant and allows all those in our industry who implement its processes to take their game to the next level!" - Lou Tumolo, author of Consigliere

    Released August 1, 2016
    English, Unabridged