Anna Broinowski

Anna Broinowski fell into filmmaking by accident, unearthing Japanese subcultures in her cult hit Hell Bento!! She’s won some shiny things, including three AFI Awards, the Al Jazeera Golden Award, and Best Nonfiction Screenplay from the Writers Guild of America. Before filmmaking, Anna was an actor, rock violinist, writer and law school dropout. She has a PhD from Macquarie University. Anna lives in Sydney with her daughter, a wise Glaswegian, and Tripod, a three-legged cat.

  • Aim High in Creation!

    By Anna Broinowski

    Read by Emma Fenney

    A One-of-a-Kind Journey Inside North Korea's Propaganda Machine

    An authentic glimpse of a North Korea we’ve never seen before, by a prize-winning filmmaker!

    "An ingenious method of penetrating the most isolated country in the world allows an Australian filmmaker access to what proves to be a surprisingly sympathetic North Korean soul...Startling...Experiencing North Korean 'method acting' in the most visceral way." - Kirkus Reviews

    Released November 1, 2016
    English, Unabridged