Lucy Brownhill

Lucy Brownhill has recently graduated from Drama Studio London with stage, screen, radio and corporate training. She was cast in two graduation productions, performing at two West End venues. Lucy loves skiing, traveling, reading, photography and being in the great outdoors.

  • Merrow

    By Ananda Braxton-Smith

    Read by Lucy Brownhill

    A 12 year-old must parse gossip from local lore to find the truth about her mother’s disappearance.

    "Neen' authentic Everyteen whose hard, beautiful world, readers will recognize. A sparkling paean to the stories we tell—plain and embroidered, fantastical, amazing, true—that get us through the night." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

    Released Tue Nov 29 00:00:00 UTC 2016
    English, Unabridged

  • Hidden

    By Miriam Halahmy

    Read by Lucy Brownhill

    When a teen finds an injured, illegal immigrant she faces complex moral decisions about his fate.

    "Written with clarity and immediacy...this is a book to counter bigotry." - Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week

    Released Tue Sep 27 00:00:00 UTC 2016
    English, Unabridged