Jane Heller

Jane Heller is an American romantic comedy, suspense and nonfiction author. Heller worked as a book promoter in New York for years before launching her own writing career. With 9 of her books optioned for film & TV, Jane has numerous NYT and USA Today bestsellers, in addition to her much-loved baseball blog, Confessions of a She-Fan. She & her husband divide their time between Connecticut & California.

  • Best Enemies

    By Jane Heller

    Read by Rachel Fulginiti

    What’s a little betrayal, jealousy, and deceit among friends?

    "...delicious conflict...Heller (Lucky Stars) goes for the laughs and gets them, but there's more here than meets the funny bone...Though the happy ending is a sure thing, getting there is fabulous fun. Heller makes a familiar story read as brand new, thanks to a rich humanity abetted by smart dialogue, zippy pacing and all-around craft." - Publishers Weekly

    Released February 7, 2017
    Chinese, Unabridged