Edward Ruadh Butler

Born in Northern Ireland, Edward Ruadh Butler studied Biomedical Sciences in Ireland and business in the US before working in newsrooms, bars, and laboratories, as a security guard, musician, and a lifeguard. Butler began by writing about Ireland in the 12th century during his lunch hour, and a year later he had completed the first draft of his debut novel, Swordland. He is currently writing a sequel to Swordland set in 1170.

  • Swordland

    By Edward Ruadh Butler

    Read by Richard Mitchley

    Beneath the warhorses' hooves, a nation will fall; a tale of war set in medieval Ireland and Wales.

    "Superbly researched and thrillingly told, Swordland is a vivid portrait of the ferocious but godly Normans as they rampage through Wales and Ireland. Writing in a lucid, descriptive style that brings to life landscapes, characters and battles, Butler delights in a narrative that blazes with intrigue and spine-chilling bloody action, while still managing to weave themes of religious affiliation, kinship, and questions over birthright like golden threads in a medieval tapestry." - Anthony Quinn, critically acclaimed author of Disappeared

    Released March 14, 2017
    English, Unabridged