Sonia Belasco

Sonia Belasco has spent much of her professional life working as a mentor, tutor, and therapist with teenagers whose passion, creativity, and strength inspire her. She watches most any TV show about high school and has probably seen every movie involving dance battles or superheroes. A native of Washington, DC, she currently lives in Philadelphia, where she is trying to acquire a taste for cheesesteak. For more, follow her on Twitter @SoniaBelasco.

  • Speak of Me As I Am

    By Sonia Belasco

    Read by J.D. Jackson and Erin Spencer

    A moving story of grief, honesty, and the healing power of art.

    "Debut author Belasco adeptly captures the tribulations of high school life while also celebrating art's ability to help clarify and contextualize its joys and sorrows...The novel's most intriguing grief itself, which the author illuminates, examines, and dissects with a surgeon's precision and the gentle touch of an artist. A stirring account of the trials of adolescence." - Kirkus Reviews

    Released Tue Apr 25 00:00:00 UTC 2017
    English, Unabridged