Mauro Hantman

Mauro Hantman is a graduate of RISD and the Trinity Rep Conservatory who has performed at the Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater, the Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theatre, the Actor's Theatre of Louisville, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He also has performed and taught around the country as an improviser.

  • Friendly Fire

    By C. D. B. Bryan

    Read by Mauro Hantman

    The true story of a soldier killed in Vietnam, and his parents’ quest for the truth.

    “The great war stories do not deal solely with the death of soldiers but with the death of idealism, and Bryan’s handling of that theme is certainly the finest that has come out of the Vietnam War.” - The New York Times Book Review

    Released Tue Jan 24 00:00:00 UTC 2017
    English, Unabridged

  • The Runaway Species

    By David Eagleman and Anthony Brandt

    Read by Mauro Hantman

    How Human Creativity Remakes the World

    This powerful exploration of human creativity shows how fostering it can help transform the world.

    "Essential-and highly pleasurable-reading for anyone who cares about ideas and innovation." - Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

    Released Tue Oct 24 00:00:00 UTC 2017
    English, Unabridged