Jenn Granneman

Jenn Granneman is on a mission to let introverts everywhere know it's okay to be who they are. For most of her life, she felt weird, different, and out of place, and she doesn't want others to feel that way. In 2013, she created, the popular online community and publication for introverts, and her writing can be found in publications such as The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She lives in Minnesota.

  • The Secret Lives of Introverts

    By Jenn Granneman

    Read by Susie Berneis

    Inside Our Hidden World

    A guide and manifesto for all the quiet ones—and the people who love them.

    "Berneis beautifully guides listeners toward understanding introverts and the often hidden ways they occupy and contribute to the world around them." - Audiofile

    Released October 17, 2017
    English, Unabridged