Adam Eichen

Adam Eichen is a Democracy Fellow at the Small Planet Institute, cofounded by Lappe, and a board member of Democracy Matters, and he served as deputy communications director for Democracy Spring. Lappe and Eichen work together in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • Daring Democracy

    By Frances Moore Lappe and Adam Eichen

    Read by Rachel Fulginiti

    Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want

    An optimistic call for citizens to join together to protect our increasingly fragile democracy

    "Countering what they call a well-entrenched 'Anti-Democracy Movement,' the authors offer numerous solutions for its antithesis, a democracy-proud confluence of grassroots efforts. With specific plans of action and encouraging words of support, Lappe and Eichen extend concrete hope to those who feel politically helpless." - Booklist

    Released October 24, 2017
    English, Unabridged