Erika Robledo

Erika Robledo is a bilingual voiceover actor who started her adventure in front of the mic at the age of eight after growing up watching her mom and the rest of her multi-generational acting family perform. Active in many facets of the voiceover industry, she is the narrator of several audiobooks.

  • Guerrera del amor (Love Warrior)

    By Glennon Doyle

    Read by Erika Robledo

    Una memoria (A Memoir)

    The true story of one woman's journey of self-discovery after the implosion of her marriage

    "A testament to the power of vulnerability. Glennon shows us the clearest meaning of 'To thine own self be true.' It's as if she reached into her heart, captured the raw emotions there, and translated them into words that anyone who's ever known pain or shame-in other words, every human on the planet-can relate to. She's bravely put everything on the table for the whole world to see." - Oprah Winfrey

    Released February 2, 2018
    Spanish, Unabridged