Claire Hartfield

Claire Hartfield received her bachelor's from Yale University and her law degree from the University of Chicago. As a lawyer, she specializes in school-desegregation litigation. She has also been involved in setting and creating charter-school policy and programs in Chicago's African American West Side. After hearing stories of the 1919 race riot from her grandmother-who lived in the Black Belt in Chicago at the time-she was moved to share that history with younger generations.

  • A Few Red Drops

    By Claire Hartfield

    Read by J.D. Jackson

    The Chicago Race Riot of 1919

    A compelling look at a crisis in the history of race relations that is echoed in today's headlines

    "JD Jackson begins this historical audiobook about the 1919 race riot in Chicago in calm, measured tones. The text then provides backstory about how the people involved in the riots found themselves there. The story is both historically important and relevant today." - Audiofile

    Released January 2, 2018
    English, Unabridged