Kris Verburgh, MD

Kris Verburgh, MD, is a researcher at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies and one of sixty-four faculty members at Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think tank. He established nutrigerontology, a new scientific discipline focused on the impact of nutrition on the aging process, and he researches interventions that can extend healthy lifespans and reduce the risk of aging-related diseases. His numerous books include the international bestseller The Food Hourglass.

  • The Longevity Code

    By Kris Verburgh, MD

    Read by Pete Cross

    Secrets to Living Well for Longer from the Front Lines of Science

    A leading proponent of a new approach to slowing aging details the science of longevity

    "It’s inspiring evidence that lifestyle changes plus the latest medical advances (stem cells, designer vaccines, genetic tinkering) will allow us to enjoy life well past 100." - Audiofile

    Released January 30, 2018
    English, Unabridged