Attain Any Goal

"This seminar was one of the most profound experiences of my life." - Andrew Weil, MD

Inspirational / Nonfiction English Age group Adult 2h 0m Sell Sheet
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									Experience the entire Firewalking seminar from Tolly Burkan, the father of firewalking. Learn Tolly's renowned methods for overcoming fear and self-limiting beliefs, to help achieve your life goals in relationships, business, athletics or health. Feel empowered, confident and more alive. Tolly Burkan, founder of the global firewalking movement, has taught firewalking to Geraldo Rivera, Anthony Robbins, Andrew Weil, plus thousands of other celebrities and people like yourself. Tolly Burkan's firewalking seminar created a global movement because it contains concise tools that can be used to attain virtually any goal. In this program, you will see people, just like yourself, successfully using these tools to master significant challenges like walking on glowing coals, bending steel and breaking boards. Tolly Burkan is world-renowned in the human potential movement.

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