Kali's Song

The enchanting story of a boy named Kali who lived thousands and thousands of years ago.

By Jeanette Winter Illustrated by Jeanette Winter Read by Susie Berneis Children’s Fiction / Family Life / Historical English Age group 3-8 6m Sell Sheet Also available on
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1 Video DVD February 24, 2015 $29.99 $29.99 9781633796089 Add to Cart
									Kali must learn to hunt, like the rest of the men in his tribe. But when Kali plucks the string on his bow, he forgets about shooting arrows, and makes music long into the night. Even the stars come close to listen. This lovely story celebrates the uniqueness in all of us, the beauty of the natural world, and the power of music and art over violence.

Starred review. "Winter's cheerful, stripped-down figures and collage landscapes... make Kali's path understandable and accessible even to young readers, and her vision of a life lived in perfect harmony with the universe - even the stars listen to Kali's music - is full of hope." - Publishers Weekly

Starred review. "Minimalism brilliantly brings a distant time near." - Kirkus Reviews

"...Winter reveals the value of celebrating individuality and finding beauty in the world, even where it may not be expected." - Library Journal