Changing Minds at Concord High School

...One Breath At A Time

Struggling students partner with neuroscientists: Can practicing mindfulness change their lives?

Directed by Susan Weiser-Finley Produced by Peter Barton and Susan Weiser-Finley Health, Mind & Body / Nonfiction English Age group Adult 30m Sell Sheet
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									Concord is a transfer school - a last chance high school for at-risk teens. Most students have experienced tremendous challenges in life. They don't believe that change for them is really possible. This film follows them as they participate in a semester-long mindfulness program. The twist here is that the students both help to film the experience and conduct a scientific study - of their classmates! - comparing the effects of mind-training with that of a placebo group. Working as research assistants with scientists from Harvard and Hunter College, they ask: Could three minutes of mindfulness practice a day change their lives? Says one reformed skeptic: "Even though you can't control most of what happens in life, you can change your mind." "I'm not a quitter," another agrees.

"...I loved the changes I witnessed in the kids and was heartened to see the results, but mostly I was thrilled to witness the simple power of silence to reconnect us to ourselves... It's a great gift that you made this film... I hope it is widely disseminated." - Bruce Joel Rubin, Academy award-winning writer of the film Ghost

"...This film captures a process in which young people have been given the tools to change their own brains, and therefore change their prospects in life. It is thrilling to witness the break-through moments, and I'm provide such a meaningful film a platform at the Rubin Museum of Art." - Tim McHenry, Producer Rubin Museum of Art

"One of the traumas of modern education is that we vastly underestimate the potential of the mind to transform and flourish. Our mind can be our best friend and our worst enemy. The film Changing Minds documents an innovative contemplative science program...that illustrates and responds to this challenge." - Mathieu Ricard, author, photographer, Buddhist monk