The Heart of the House

Mogie is a real-life Labradoodle with a special talent: he always knows just what a sick kid needs!

By Kathi Appelt Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal Read by Susie Berneis Animals / Children’s Fiction / Family Life English Age group 3-8 8m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									Give that dog a puddle and he’d splash. Give him a whistle and he'd roll over. Give him a rule and he'd break it. One day a passel of puppies was born. Each puppy was designated for a Very Important Job, like Service Dog, or Search and Rescue Dog, or Groomed for the Show Ring Dog. Each puppy, that is, except Mogie. Mogie was a ball-chasing, tail-wagging, moon-howling pup. Not the kind of pup for any of those jobs! But there is a place that is just right for Mogie: a very special house where sick children and their families can stay while they undergo long-term treatment. A place with children who NEED a ball-chasing, tail-wagging, moon-howling pup. And there's one little boy in particular who needs Mogie. And Mogie is about to prove he's the best darn pooch in the passel!

Three stars. “A sweet story spotlighting a charitable healthcare facility for children, this is recommended.” - Video Librarian

"...admirers of working animal stories and simplified issue books, as well as dog lovers in general, will appreciate Mogie's gently told and optimistic tale." - Booklist

"The book makes good use of negative space, and page layouts vary to keep visual interest. This title would work well as a read-aloud and as an excellent choice for independent reading." - School Library Journal