The Reasons For Seasons

How the position of Earth in relation to the sun causes seasons.

By Gail Gibbons Illustrated by Gail Gibbons Read by Chris Lutkin Children’s Fiction / Family Life / Humorous English Age group 3-8 12m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									Why is there winter in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time there is summer in the Northern Hemisphere? Here is an explanation of how the position of Earth in relation to the sun causes seasons, and the wonders that come with each one of them. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring comes again. Year after year the seasons repeat themselves.

"Gibbons uses simple words and clear, colorful pictures to explain the seasons, the solstices, and the equinoxes...Brightly colored pictures, as accessible and appealing as those in Gibbons' other books, illustrate the text." - Booklist

"Gibbons seems to know just what teachers need to fill that open niche in their curriculum plans....The text is amplified by her trademark illustrations done in bright, primary colors." - School Library Journal

"This is a visually appealing, straightforward introduction to seasonal activities, and the discussion about why we have different seasons is well suited to the youngest viewers." - School Library Journal (Video Review)